Authentic Speaking

kring van mensenAuthentic Speaking is about learning to connect with a group while in contact with yourself. It is not so much about how and what you say to the group, because everything you say from a deep and true place is beautiful. The point is that you can really connect with yourself in all vulnerability and feel and accept yourself as you are. From there, the audience, the circle of people around you, will also be able to feel and connect with you.

As far as I’m concerned, Authentic Speaking is about the undoing of the need to perform and to try to get self worth out of it. Because exactly this brings tension. We are often afraid to be rejected. After this undoing, the authentic self remains.

So the first step is to be ok with yourself and accept yourself as you are. The second step is to get along well with another by entering into a connection where we can meet on a deeper level without losing ourselves. The first two phases you learn to find in a playful way. The final step is to connect with a group of people and show yourself from your heart.

Every participant is invited to stand in silence in front of the group and to look at all people. All kinds of feelings can emerge. It is the invitation to let this be exactly as it is. No masks. This is also the invitation to the other participants who form the circle. They also have the task of supporting the person in the middle with their presence and thanking the “speaker” in the middle for the courage to be the center. Maybe the speaker will keep quiet, maybe there will be words. It comes as it comes. Nobody can prepare for this. You can be true to your desire to connect with yourself and the others. And that is the essence I want to give you in this workshop.

The experience you gain during this workshop is useful for everyone in daily life. Because both your friends and family around you and colleagues at work get energy when they can connect with your authentic self.