16 tips to reduce radiation at home


Non-ionising radiation is produced by any equipment that produces electromagnetic fields. Anything that runs on electricity (including batteries) produces this kind of radiation. Our homes are full with it: lamps, microwaves, telephones, computers, and much much more. Is this ‘lower’ type of radiation harmless? Not at all! Our bodies are exposed to it day and night. Even in remote areas we still pick up these signals from WiFi, Cellphone towers, military signals and many more. Our body also creates an electromagnetic field, which is disrupted by the overload of radiation in our environment. This can cause sleeplessness, restlessness, exhaustion, muscular diseases, weakened immune system, auto-immune diseases, cancer, damage to the brain-blood barrier and more. You cannot switch off all signals that are buzzing all around the world. But you can make a difference at home to create a more healthy environment there.

Would you like to know how? Read the next 16 tips:

1)   Remove the microwave from your home. Microwaves are very dangerous because the radiation of the appliance does not decrease after use but stays in your home. Food that has been prepared in the microwave does contain calories, however contains very little absorbable vitamins and minerals. The structure of the food is changed in such a way that it can be dangerous for the body.

2)   Use a Eco-Dect telephone. This means much less radiation. The best thing to do is to use a telephone with cable. However, if you do use a Dect telephone or GSM, put it on speaker function instead of holding the device against your ear. Don’t sleep near a wireless telephone.

3)   Replace WiFi in the house by Internet through a wire. If this is not feasible, Eco WiFi could be the solution. Most routers issue a public and a house signal. Make inquiries how to switch off the public signal.

4)   Replace Dect baby alarms by Eco-Dect baby alarm. Best is to have no wireless equipment near children at all. Babies and children are more sensitive to radiation.

5)   Don’t use an electric radio alarm or place it at least 3 metres away from your head. A radio alarm sends, just like the Dect telephone a pulse into your room. A mechanical alarm clock or an alarm clock with batteries is much better.

6)   Remove as much metal from your bed as possible. Water beds, iron springs and dynamos to adjust your matress cause a magnetic field which eventually disturbs the deep night’s rest. An electric blanket is at least as dangerous as living near a power pylon. A hot water bottle is also nice and warm.

7)   Don’t rest your head against a wall where a radiator is suspended or with a computer at the other side of the wall. Electric wiring in the wall and under the bed for lamps etc also cause unwanted magnetic fields which keep the body from a deep sleep.

8)   The most ideal situation is to switch off the main switch of the electricity grid. In doing so you could connect vital appliances like the fridge to another circuit.

9)   If the above is not an option, then switch off the wireless routers every night and ask your neighbours to do the same. All the signals a computer can pick up, your body also picks up. Moreover, unplug all devices you’re no longer using. Also devices in sleep or stand-by modus do not only use electric current, but also create an unwanted magnetic field.

10) Buy equipment with smaller capacity since the magnetic field will also be smaller.

11) Low-energy light bulbs and striplights emit a lot of radiation. Contradictory as it may seem, ordinary light bulbs in this respect are the best. The best alternative is halogen light without a dimmer. The transformer to dim the light creates an unnecessary magnetic field. Led light is better then low-energy light although it still causes a considerable amount of radiation.

12) Don’t put your laptop on your lap and switch off WiFi and Bluetooth if you don’t need them. Keep the distance at the max. Every inch further removed from electrical appliances reduces the intensity of the magnetic field.

13) Regularly walk barefoot on the earth. Only by direct contact with the earth can our body release a surplus of tension built up in the body. Insufficient earthing creates a shortage of free electrons in the body, giving rise to all kinds of symptoms mentioned above.

14) Radiation lessens the immune system of the body, which makes it more prone to diseases. Take good care of your body. Take sufficient rest, drink lots of water, eat preferably natural (organic) food and spend at least half an hour a day walking, cycling or sports.

15) Take a test if you struggle with health problems that might be related to non-ionising radiation. You might suffer from electromagnetic hyper sensitivity (EHS).

16) Make your own enquiries but especially listen to your inner wisdom. Be more aware of your body and allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and not by fear.